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Overloading Zend_Soap_Client _doRequest()



I wrote a soap client a while ago using Zend Framework 1 that was consuming data, and needed to log each request for debugging purposes. Thought I’d share a couple of things that I learned. more…


Order by in Zend Framework



Came across a nice “gotcha” using Zend _Db in Zend Framework 1 if you’re being sloppy like I was. When you’re ordering by multiple columns, always make sure to use an array.


$select->order('col1', 'col2', 'col3');


$select->order(array('col1', 'col2', 'col3'));

If you take a look at the order function in Zend_Db_Select, it takes a mixed parameter (string or array) and operates on that. If you’re not seeing PHP warnings, you won’t notice that the parameters ‘col2′ and ‘col3′ are being ignored.


Zend Form presentation with ZF1



Well it’s been nearly a year since I’ve done the presentation, so what better time than now to show it off? I did this presentation on Zend Form using Zend Framework 1 at mkepug.

Download my slides: Zend_Form

Also, awesome new thing I learned! If you own a Mac, and want to present with it. ALWAYS bring your display dongle.


Textmate to vim – Part one



I, like many others, switched to the Mac largely due to Textmate; an excellent text editor that completely crushed the editor I was using at the time, Dreamweaver. Unfortunately,
Textmate’s development has all but stopped. That and an excellent post by Jonathan Snook on journeying into vim helped push me to try it out. more…


Readability 2.0 is a win for humankind



Readability LogoI’ve been a bit behind on the the internets lately; apparently there is a new readability 2.0 out. With 2.0, they have introduced browser plugins, some various new features, mobile apps and, most importantly, a new pay model. With this model, users pay a $5 monthly fee and publishers / content creators are receiving  70% of the money that readability receives from their users. more…


2011 Goals



I usually set goals for myself at the beginning of the year, but they get lost in my brain or whatever non-official place I decide to put them in. I think by actually writing these down and making them public there is a much higher chance of me actually accomplishing them. more…


Presentation, progressive enhancement, and lack of posts



Well, it looks like I haven’t written since April 17th; completely unacceptable. I wanted to post some slides of my recent presentation, and get in writing what I would like to do with this blog in the near future. more…


Controlling where the reply goes in your WordPress theme



Here is another nice quick tip for you WordPress fans. I found through some research that it is quite easy to tell WordPress where your comments reply section should go. If you take at one of the comments on my site and hit reply, your reply falls below the comment border like this: more…


Quick tip: Taking care of bookmarks you’d like to read later



I have been trying to come up with a tool to help me keep track of web pages that I would like to read at a later time. For instance, in my previous google reader post, I mentioned read it later, a firefox extension / iPhone app that allows you to save bookmarks for later reading. I have been somewhat satisfied with most, but I think I finally came up with a solution that works beautifully using delicious, google reader, and readability. more…


Using NextGEN gallery to bring an image gallery to your WordPress blog



Update: Here is an example of nextgen / galleria in action.

Bringing a customized image gallery isn’t as easy as it should be. Many developers have tried to solve this problem, and in my opinion Alex Rabe has done an excellent job of doing so. He has developed a WordPress plugin called NextGEN Galllery which allows the author to easily update and manage photos, and (this is important) allow for almost complete customization on how the images are displayed. As a specific example on how to do this, I’m going to walk you through getting NextGen gallery and the awesome Galleria jQuery image gallery to get along. more…

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